Our vision

What makes music so powerful? Fiber believes it is her ability to unite. For over 40.000 years, music has been bringing friends, tribes and societies together. It plays an essential part in celebrating life and enjoying the company of those around us. Fiber is about connection: Between party goers, musicians, and other things you would not expect to be connected. We all have no idea what we’re doing. We are all striving to be the best person we can be. And we are all made of Fiber. Fiber connects.


Our events are the perfect place to meet new people, or become closer to those you already know. Upon entrance of Fiber you get a wristband that matches only one other guest: your buddy of the night. Finding your match and other connective activities create an open atmosphere where you can approach anybody. Musically, Fiber connects drum & bass with instrumentalists. We’ve hosted several debut liveshows including a piano-DJ set by Keeno, drum & bass' first piano concert and a live guitar & violin show by our own Rafiki - more to follow.


Our label develops artists with unique twists on drum & bass. We focus on exceptional performers, our first artist being The Fiber Pianist – a piano virtuoso who transforms drum & bass into captivating classical music.
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